Steve Rondo Reminds Us To Chase Our Dreams in “Matches”

Boston-based singer-songwriter, Steve Rondo has a polished voice that soars over floaty guitar riffs in his debut release. “Matches” erupts into emotion-driven melodies that are irresistibly catchy. This song took years to write and it was definitely worth the wait. In fact, it’s songwriting so good, that it has me eager to hear what Steve Rondo will release next, and stay hopeful that something more will come soon from this talented singer-songwriter and producer. The song adventures to many different places including an explosive guitar solo. The songs lyrics, tone, and backstory are inspiring to witness.

This song has been in progress for several years. Steven Rondo started it in 2016 while experimenting with guitar sounds and riffs. He says  “I sat on the riff for a couple years before bringing it to my two good friends and collaborators, Keelan Smithers and Richie Aversa.” The three friends met for several writing sessions and eventually “came up with the idea of writing about the internal conflict of feeling anchored in a place by comfort of stability and an office job against the desire to follow a passion and dream of ours.”

the friends were all chasing different dreams but the shared emotion and drive of dream-chasing fueled the songwriting sessions well. Steve was pursing music, while Keelan Smithers was pursing a professional baseball career. Keelan did eventually end up signing with The New York Mets. While the guys were pursing their careers in different places, the song sat still, but the idea was still there. They finished the song in 2020 by writing the chorus section. Steve Rondo self-produced the song in Cape Cod during the quarantine.

Matches is is about doing the things that you have always wanted to do but in the face of fear and uncertainty. It is about grappling with the voice inside your head that is hesitant and convincing that voice that your fate is rewarded by being fearless.

Steve Rondo cites his inspirations as Ben Howard, Sam Fender, Dermot Kennedy, Matt Corby, Kings of Leon, Bon Inver, and Fleetwood Mac.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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