It Happens Launch Online Presence with Two Dreamy Songs

It Happens, a band from Sydney, Australia, is out with two new songs called “Marcia” and “What Are You Hiding?” It Happens fuses together dream-pop and surf-rock seamlessly to create a sound that makes the listener feel like they are floating. The songs lyrics of “Marcia” tackle the themes of jealousy, beauty, and admiration. The vocals are delivered with an attitude that blends in with early punk rock. “Marcia” is the perfect song to put in a diner scene in a retro-themed movie.

“What Are You Hiding?” sounds more psychedelic compared to “Marcia.” The electric guitar riffs lead the song, while the vocal compliments with tone.

There is also an acoustic version of “Marcia” up on Spotify which is a completely stripped down and laid-back version of the song. Listen to It Happens now:

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