The Smoothed Edge of Kapok’s “See You Tomorrow”

Fresh takes on nostalgic glee pour out of the Mayan Canadian emcee’s soul in his latest release, breathing easy somewhere in a breathless flow.

The sounds inherent in “See You Tomorrow”‘s production wear the skyward-staring enthusiasm of yesteryear on their sleeves. Turn a corner in the world of Kapok’s newest single and you’re likely to find traces of the Pharcyde’s bizarre rides and cherished nuggets like Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” Yet “See You Tomorrow” is no mere homage to familiar comforts of the past- within the first swell of its instrumentation, the modern age is all too present. Blending old and new into a dazzling soundscape is just the beginning, as Kapok’s relentless flow leaps into earshot over the undeniable groove of his rhythm section and doesn’t let up.

The vocal work here is a true highlight, full of character, charisma, and- in sweetly shimmering hooks- a very fine balance of singing tone and rhythmic mastery. The rapid-fire nature of Kapok’s approach to his wordplay wears a certain edge to the staccato bounce of his voice, tinged with just the right amount of wear to communicate a world of stories (if you can keep up). Never does this edge break the smoothness of the work, rather its contrast only allows both elements to shine even brighter in uncanny harmony. “See You Tomorrow” is some kind of joy, and I can’t recommend checking it out soon enough. Luckily, it’s out now.



Review by Bobby Guard


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