TeawhYB and Jack Greenwood Team Up for Catchy Collab Song

TeawhYB is an indie artist known for his contagious energy in his live performances. That energy comes through clear in his collaboration with Jack Greenwood. “Filas” is the perfect pop song. It’s synth heavy and uplifting, complete with a catchy chorus section.

When asked about the inspiration of the song, Jack Greenwood says: “It was really about trying to paint a picture and make a statement about myself at the time. Leaving everything back home, and figuring out a new life in Texas. Working a day job and then grinding all night on music. This project steps out into new genres for me comparted to Flying Softly (debut album). I think a lot of it is like whispering confidence into my own ear.” – Jack Greenwood

Let’s hope that TeawhYB and Jack Greenwood team up for more collaborations in the future. Their voices mesh wonderfully together, delivering a great pop sound that is simply irresistible.

Listen to the song on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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