Queer Icon Lil Nas X had his Baby…and He’s Changing the Game

Lil Nas X finally had his baby! Montero is here and fans are going wild…as they should.

Featured on this record is “Thats What I Want” which is a catchy pop song that surely is a vibe for every listener – queer or not. A hook is a hook.

The music video is something that I was was available when I was growing up as a young queer teen on Long Island. Gay players on a football team? Making out in the locker room? The video normalizes queer love and romance for athletes. It’s groundbreaking. I’m sure many queer teens and young adults are feeling seen just by watching this video. There’s even a scene that normalizes safe sex!

Lil Nas X is breaking barriers in hip hop and pop. He is the queer icon we all need. He is truly changing the game.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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