Fab The Duo Speak On Their New Single “ISFB” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Fab The Duo get with us for an exclusive interview on their new high energy single “ISFB.”

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Fab The Duo is a recently Los Angeles-based alternative pop duo, aiming to smash societal norms through music and love. Previously hailing from New York, the glamorous boyfriend pair, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, had quickly become rising stars in New York City’s nightlife and music scene, performing to energetic crowds at The Bitter End, The Stonewall Inn, and The Cutting Room, as well as recently to the executives at The Madison Square Garden Company.

Their music has been featured on notable press like Billboard, Advocate, HuffPost, and Queerty, with Alt Press calling them “a group that should not be overlooked.” They were recently recognized by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, winning the Song Of The Week Award. Fab The Duo hope to to change the way people see queer, interracial love in the music scene and beyond. As they make break boundaries and stereotypes as the first gay couple to go mainstream in the music industry, they want their fans (or Fabbits) to follow this simple advice: Be You. Be Proud. And Be Loud! 

The song starts off slow and steady, with a soft vocal delivery and a light guitar melody. When the chorus comes in, we’re faced with a much stronger vocal delivery and a smashing pop/rock instrumental that makes me crave to see them live! The lyrical direction behind this song is a total vibe too. Not only is the entire track fun and catchy, but the energy throughout the track serves rock realness that makes us want to headbang to this in person! This song is a must-add to all your pop/rock playlists.

I had the chance to interview Fab The Duo about their new single, check it out below!

What inspired y’all to make this song?

We needed a song to channel all of our anger and frustration during quarantine. We wanted a song that everyone could relate to and who in this past year can’t relate to being fucking bored? 

Was there any musical inspiration from other artists that helped influence this track?

We took a lot of inspiration from 2000’s pop punk. Bands that we listened to back in the day like Weezer, Green Day, and All American Rejects all contributed to the vibe of the song. 

What was your favorite part about making this song?

Singing the song in the studio and really getting to rock out was a blast and such a cathartic moment! 

Where did you record this song, and what are the vibes in the studio like with y’all?

Our song was produced back in New York but we recorded the vocals in a little studio in Burbank. We try to keep the vibe in the studio fun, but when it’s time to get to work, we work! 

Was this release cathartic to create?

Absolutely! This song got us through quarantine and it’s felt so cathartic performing it after. The most amazing experience was singing it at a large show with over 500 people and having everyone singing along to the chorus! 

What keeps y’all motivated?

Being a musician is not easy and it requires a lot of sacrifice. But there’s nothing we’d rather be doing. The live shows are really what keeps us motivated. And it helps that we’re doing what we love together! 

What can we expect next from both of you?

You can expect an EP coming in the near future… that’s all we’ll say for now 😉

What other artists are you listening to right now?

Currently listening to Billie Eillish, Salem Ilese, The Kid Laroi, Vincint, Willow, and Miley Cyrus to name a few. And P!nk. We’re always listening to P!nk. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for us!

Be sure to stream “ISFB” on all platforms now, listen to the song below, and follow Fab The Duo on all social media!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz



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