Explore Three New Songs from Different Genres Featuring: Itsokaylove, Fractus!, MoonLee, and Sara Jean Kelley

Dive into these new sounds by some incredible artists you should have already heard of.

Itsokaylove and Fractus! – languish

First up we have a chill collaboration sound. Fractus! and Itsokaylove have teamed up to bring a lo-fi heartbreak anthem. “languish” seems to talk about the ending of a toxic relationship and the obsession that often follows that breakup. The emotion in the vocals echos the devastating loss. You can hear the loss in the singers voice. We’ve all probably been there. If you haven’t, you’re lucky…and the emotions coming through make that very clear. The song features a chill beat and ambient sounds. It’s a good track to kick-back to and think to. It may even fill your head with thoughts you should spend some time pondering.

MoonLee – Lights Camera Action

Shifting gears into the poppier realm, we have MoonLee. The song starts off with a captivating bass line before diving into deep synths and a quickly delivered vocal line. “Lights Camera Action” is a sexy pop song with a funky bass line. It will surely get the listeners dancing. The song seems to be about lust more than it is about love. The song features many different vocal sections but the bass line seems to center as the songs main hook.

Sara Jean Kelley – Bleeding Stone

Shifting gears again…we have Sara Jean Kelley with an Americana anthem titled “Bleeding Stone.” Her voice will pull you in right away, regardless if you are interesting in alt-country sounds or not. The melody and emotion coming through in the vocal is simply irresistible. The songs lyrics tell a story about healing and wandering. The song provides empowerment as the lyrics say “Cause I just want to fix what is broken.”

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