J.R. Price Speaks on Single “Golden Hour”

J.R. Price’s single “Golden Hour” brings us warm sunny vibes.

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J.R. Price is an independent artist living in NYC. His debut single Body Positive has over 40k streams on Spotify, and the music video has 30k views on YouTube. You might recognize him from his press tour to release his first album “Daydream” where he graced the covers of Chicago Grab Magazine, The Rainbow Times, and was on several podcasts and radio interviews. His message was to spread body positive vibes to his fans, and encourage everyone to follow their dreams.

He worked with Tom Goss on a ballad he wrote called “Dance With Me” which has been called “the ballad of the season” by Peach Mag, ATL! J.R. Is currently performing in NYC, and working on his next album. Golden Hour, produced by Ricky Allson, is a song about holding on to the positive things in a relationship after it ends, always remember when we were golden friends! Don’t hold on to hate!

The song brings us lighthearted melodies in the instrumental and catchy lyrics for the verses and chorus. I really enjoy the soft vocal delivery throughout the song, as well as the vocal textures J.R. brings to the track. My favorite part of the song is the breakdown in the bridge where we are gifted with an energy from J.R. that isn’t on the rest of track. It’s just so much fun! It makes me want to sing along with JR on a rooftop in Brooklyn with the sun setting.

I had the privilege of interviewing J.R. about the song, check it out below!

Where did you get the idea for the song?

So this is my only song released that wasn’t my initial idea! Ricky Allson, who is this amazing new producer I’ve been working with, actually heard my music and wrote the first demo for me! Which made me feel like a star! I was living in Nashville at the time, which was a dark place… and somehow when Ricky pitched Golden Hour it felt like a dawn of a new day. I made up my mind within 10 hours of hearing the first rough scratched version, that I had to make this song and I had to move back to NY! I knew immediately that what I wanted to do next is collaborate more and create more music with others. So, it was all thanks to this original demo, and I’m so grateful that Ricky reached out!

What was going through your head when you wrote the chorus?

Initially Ricky wrote a chill summer vibes song about having a good time on your roof, and then I took the wheel. I wanted it to mean more. So now we have a pop soundscape that journeys to the past to the day you met the love of your life, you partied, you stayed up all night til Golden Hour, and then they left you to pursue their dreams. In that moment you want to give up, or go back and fix it, but it’s important to always smile and be grateful that you got to love at all. You also can’t live in the past because “the memories just won’t do!” Most people never find love. That was special, it was Golden, but the hour has come to move on babe, it may take many more Golden Hour moments to find that connection again, but you have to always have hope, & a good crop top!

What was your favorite part in creating this song?

For this song it was a lot of fun playing with a new producer and making a new connection. I loved how open we both were for creating the best song we can make. I mean, our production value is not in the thousands like the songs you hear in mainstream streaming, but what we have is heart, fun, and good vibes. We even used cut audio from the track of us laughing to fade out the end of the song (representing finding joy again after losing love) but also because the process of this song with Ricky was more fun than I had had in a while. Mainly because of the pandemic, but also because life is just hard. I needed an outlet and I needed the gift of song. Again, Ricky was the champion for this pop bop!

Tell us about how you made the cover art.

There are just so many layers to everything I decide to put out there haha! So this may just seem like a typical head in the clouds cover art shot, but for me it means so much more! I have been trying to make it in NYC for about five years now, and I have really been through it. I have lived in some of the most sketch, degrading, and demoralizing places here because I have had to fight for everything I have all alone, with just a passion for creating, and it’s been hard. However, something magical happened this year, I actually took the pandemic to get my life in order, I came back to NYC strong after almost giving up and leaving. I now have a great apartment with a beautiful view, I am moving on and pursuing my dreams on my own terms for the first time in my life. I knew I had to stick to the theme, but I’m also just really proud of finally having a place where I feel at home. Hence, the roof! I could have shot this anywhere outside, but I mention crop top roof top in the hook, and I couldn’t resist being so dead on the nose but also, rooted in celebration and rejuvenation. This was a rebirth moment for me. It really felt like the sun was coming up on new things, it was a golden hour for sure! Also, Sara Frederick did an amazing job capturing those emotions!

What can we expect next from you?

Well, I just released my new reimagined version of my debut single, Body Positive (Stripped), which is available on all platforms. I want to continue pushing that message. I may create millions of versions, because it will never stop being an important message to hear! All bodies are beautiful!

I am actually working on a few remixes! A brilliant mind named NALTRAC reached out to make a technology based house mix of Vibe Check, the third track on my debut album available on all platforms, and it’s insane. I’ve never heard my music do that before, it’s what I can only describe as a musical experience that takes you on the full journey of doing an edible for the first time and you start texting guys you are seeing, you are feeling yourself, but also very much not feeling anything too serious, serious things can blow your mind… I’m excited to blow your mind with the new vibes!

Also, Rock the Pigeon’s own @realbrycequartz has recorded a very dirty verse for a club mix of N.A.U.G.H.T.Y. I am beyond thrilled to hear what DJ mastermind producer Beautiful Errors creates! He said he wants it to sound more “naughty” and sticky. Sooooo… can’t wait to see what that means!

New music is also in the works, I am writing a lot, and right now trying to decide if I want to do singles to keep engagement, or if I want to work on a new album!?! When I decide I will let you know! Follow my ig: JRPriceless5eva

I post a lot of details there! Check the stories!

What other artists are you listening to right now?

I want to say names I haven’t mentioned in other interviews, so here are my other top 5 mainstream artists, and other top 5 indie artists (for the other lists you can find all of my interviews on my website jrprice.org)

So here we go!!!


  1. Doja Cat – giving me life rn! It’s sad to hear that Dr. Luke is working her too hard and that he didn’t learn his lesson yet, but this isn’t about the man, it’s about the woman… let her be your woman!
  2. Lizzo – I mean, queen! There isn’t a bad thing I can say about this powerful woman who brought the body positive movement to the forefront and has changed society! Forever grateful to this icon!
  3. Lady Gaga – clearly I’ve been escaping to the Chromatica remixes… That’s why I decided to start making remixes! I am so intrigued in telling the same stories in new ways to captivate more audiences, and GAGA… has it on lock, she has a lot of things on lock!
  4. Shawn Mendes – I’ve been exploring a more grunge sound… and yeah, Shawn Mendes was as far from pop music I could venture to… yes, he is a pop artist, yes that’s the point. I’m a pop tart, this is experimental to me! Lolz
  5. Kacey Musgraves – Star – Crossed. Need I say more!? Ok… space Cowboy…. Oh more? Ok, how about bringing gay rights to the attention of country music, and standing up to those homophobic labels, when it’s not even about her? Support your allies friends!

Now my favs! My independent friends!

  1. Ryan Cassata – that’s right Ryan who runs this very blog, actually makes some pretty provocative and guttural music. The way he approaches solving hate and relationships in such a heart wrenching way is captivating. Ready for the new album, Magic Miracle Mile!
  2. Homer Marrs – what a cutie! I love me a good hopeless romantic! Especially one who is as cute as Homer! Who needs Ben daddy, I’m right here! I just feel like I need to advocate for a fellow bleeding heart!
  3. Jay Light – formerly known as Tony Banks, has been making some great dance music in association with So Fierce Music, run by Lady Gaga exclusive remix dj Velvet Code. So that’s exciting! I love hearing how he evolved from Rap to this down beat house sex club music! Check out Damn Daddy, it’s a moment for sure!
  4. Scenario – this jaw dropping rapper from NYC! His music just takes you on such a journey through so many places! His new bop DIY, not only slaps… but it changes you! I’m moved!
  5. LeónRose – a new independent artist I met this year, who is making music to spread the message of transitioning and really takes an honest glance at what that means, Leo calls out our government, and breaks down society. It’s more edgy than just a dude with his guitar, I feel like he really has something to say for someone so young and doing it all alone!

If you want more J.R. Price check out jrprice.org for more links and fun! Stay golden!

Hope you have a great day! 🐻🤗

-J.R. Price

Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions for us, J.R.!

Be sure to stream “Golden Hour” on all platforms now, and follow J.R. on social media below!

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