“either way” is the optimistic anthem we need to end the year right!

“either way” by Arden Jones could be the next pop rap crossover anthem. Jones is a 20-year old singer-songwriter and rapper based out of Los Angeles. “either way” is his fifth single.

There is an overall positive vibe to this song with catchy melodies and lyrics that will keep you listening. The hook reminds you that every day is special and ultimately either way the sun will rise. Jones shows his positivity with lyrics “I know the whole world tryna keep me under. But I said either way the sun gon’ rise.” On bad days, we can choose to wallow or remind ourselves that tomorrow we get another try. Listening to this song can help shift your mindset back to a glass-half-full perspective and shake off any lingering negativity.

The visualizer depicts a story of love that keeps a couple hopeful and positive.

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Written by Shaun Kastle

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