Authentic. by Ellysa Greenhalgh [Poem]


Before I was born, I was already loved
The mother I love risked everything the day I was born
She somehow knew I was strong already
The doctors all told her, you may not pull through
She knew I was meant to be, I would fight my way through
I fought & I flourished, I was the perfect daughter
At five my world turned upside down
Parents divorce is hard for a child to understand
I begged to play guitar, I didn’t know it then
I needed a distraction, an outlet for my confused emotions
I begged to play baseball, I was not allowed
Only boys play that sport, what if I am a boy I wanted to say
The feelings & angst within were becoming clearer
The way I felt made more sense, I understood
I was a boy, I knew this to be true, I could accept this, could they?
I was the sad one for too many years, struggles within break us down
Fear of rejection will silence you, I walked through the fire
I am me, I am who I am meant to be, please accept me
The feelings within can not be described
When you are exposing yourself, there is no hiding the naked truth
I have a story of pain, heartbreak, loss & grief
Within this is acceptance, love, understanding & tolerance
We all walk our own path, it takes courage to be true to yourself
Take it from me, the life you will lead, as the genuine you
Will be one full of struggle yes, but love & happiness
Will be easier to find, to hang on to, to heal your scars.

Twitter: @ellysapoet

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