Mental Health Takes the Spotlight in the Exciting New Dance Track “Get Loud” by milktheram

If a song is to have a message, I tend to prefer that it be nestled within the allure of something that would captivate me regardless of meaning. “Get Loud” does just that, providing a sonic room full of trampolines in which its meaning lies.

The refrain “It’s gonna get loud” is flexible to any number of intentions, contexts, and voices, and its shouted use in the surroundings of a thrumming rhythm and undulating synth bass line brings to mind the fierce energy of 90s dance scene stalwarts like the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers. It sounds like an intimidating promise in the grey area of its first-glance contextual anchor. But in the context of milktheram’s newest single, the phrase and its delivery take on the almost proud energy of a call to action.

Get loud is my two cents on the mental health crisis we are facing in this Covid era. The natural inclination is to withdraw from your community and even your immediate family whereas I have found that the solution is to speak up, get loud and ask for help.” – milktheram

The nonstop beat of “Get Loud” is one of its greatest assets. As milktheram intersperses stutter-stop rap verse throughout the song’s sections, summoning a rhythmic parallel to the off-axis concept of being “unstable,” the beat propels a steady, rollicking push forward that is both engaging, and endemic of the need to carry on, even if just one day at a time. “First things first,” the musician snaps, following a rapid-fire muse on the concept of stability and needing to “get the creases out.” This section reminds me of the humanizing idiom of putting one’s pant legs on one at a time- a gentle reminder (dressed in loud colors here) that we all aren’t so different after all. That “Get Loud” can successfully fold a message of empathy and connection into a song that makes me want to dance hard in a dark room is not for nothing. “Get Loud” is a song worth multiple listens, and luckily for you, it’s a catchy little thing. The new single by milktheram is out now and streaming everywhere, give it some of your time.~


Review by Bobby Guard


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