“ANXiETY” is a track about a feeling we know all too well.

“ANXiETY” is about heyimmanic’s struggle with addiction and anxiety. heyimmanic wrote this song coming off his first single while dealing with the worst anxiety he’s felt so far. His physical anxiety was so bad he ended up taking his prescription meds more than prescribed. The opening lyrics are: “Getting messed up from my script/ Otherwise I dunno how I’d breathe.”

“ANXiETY” is very easy to listen to with its playful beat and catchy guitar riffs. The vocal delivery keeps the listener engaged with a flow that makes you want to know the story ends. The chorus has more of an emo/punk vibe with a really fun switch in the vocal delivery. Would love to see this one live!

The moral of the story is to put your mental health first to ensure you don’t fall down the slippery slope of addiction. Thank you for sharing your story with this one heyimmanic. I appreciate artists who fully let the listener in while expressing their struggles.

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Written by Shaun Kastle

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