Back to Beautiful Basics in Angus Legg’s “3rd grade art (Acoustic)”

The new single by the Australian Singer/Songwriter is a gentle reminder of love’s precious energy in and out of each moment together.

Angus Legg’s acoustic take on “3rd grade art” makes the most of its minimalism, sailing softly on the breeze of his voice. Where the original version of the song, released earlier this year, drove the pace of the song forward through a shimmering bass line and hand claps, this new version allows the open space around Legg’s acoustic picking to speak volumes. And rightfully so, as the song’s lyrics of being “like kids never growing up, treating our love like a playground” is cased comfortably enough in the plume of nostalgia and beautiful ache that comes with truly knowing someone through love. The confidence in the light touch afforded this new version comes through in the delicacy of Legg’s voice, allowed to shift between a coo and a whisper at moments, undisturbed by percussive counterparts. “3rd grade art (Acoustic)” is a comforting, nurturing breath of fresh air that nestles in the chest with each listen. And luckily, it’s out now. Check out the link below or any where you stream music.~


Review by Bobby Guard:

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