Stars Collide, Stars Fall Apart: “Hurt Enough (Hometown Edition)” by Dylan Owen x Skinny Atlas x Kinetics & One Love Trades Unfulfilling Dynamics for Sonic Depth

One-sided relationships are some of life’s greatest disappointments, but the collaborative team of Dylan Owen x Skinny Atlas x Kinetics & One Love manage to spin their wooly woes into gold with the melodic musings of “Hurt Enough (Hometown Edition).”

“Hurt Enough” comes on like waking from sleep, its sample hook rising out of the silence and ushering in the team’s respective members for each verse. “You wouldn’t hurt enough for me” it cries in processed electronica, breaking up each thrust of flow with a simple encasement of what caring is and isn’t. Lines like “models that we hold can fill the hollowest of holes” look like they could fit just as neatly into a 2000s pop punk hit as they do within the lyrical choreography at work here. Each member of the vocal team here bring a distinctive flair to their verses, and as such, are the shining factors within the procession of “Hurt Enough.” Strong but cleverly utilized production in the guitar processing and beat work underscore the overall tone of the song, and coast it into territory that would be welcome driving down empty streets or kicking back at home. “Hurt Enough (Hometown Edition)” is out now and streaming everywhere. Give it some love below!


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