Haley Harkin Explores Healing, Self-Empowerment in New LP while Encouraging Others to Look Inside

Haley Harkin displays the healing powers of music in her newest song “My Love For You.” Her folk songs have not only been a form of self-expression but also a way to reconnect with herself and tend to her deepest inner wounds. They are self-empowerment, and self-expansion.

Her music is honest and raw, tackling the experiences that led her to where she is today. Her music serves as a method of self-liberation, to process, come to terms with, and heal the deepest wounds that she has experienced. She explains that this process took about 4 years.

The lyrics and emotional expression in the vocal delivery dive deep into self and experience and is a true form of self-examination. It’s a path that only a truly brave soul could embark on. “My Love For You” is off of a 7-song LP (33.5 minutes) titled “To Heal Her” which was released just days ago. It’s acoustic-guitar-driven and features strings and soundscapes. It’s a unique work of art that has the healing capacity to heal those who listen as well. Perhaps, Haley’s profound honesty will get her listeners to take the deep dive to look inward as well. Haley Harkin proves the great power of music. Music can be very therapeutic – writing or listening. Haley showcases that brilliantly in her songwriting and expression.

Haley Harkin sites her influences as Rising AppalachiaFia, and Ayla Nereo.

Listen to the record now:


written by Ryan Cassata

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