Ben Balmer Adventures in “Married to the Road”

Ben Balmer has the perfect on-the-road song for your coast to coast driving adventure. “Married to the Road” is a song about the wandering lifestyle, driving miles down a highway, and living to travel. Ben Balmer captures the mood of driving thousands of miles weekly and the loneliness that sometimes accompanies that journey. He has longing for certain aspects of a life that is more settled-down (like a relationship) but he insists on not giving up his traveling lifestyle.

The song is driven by an acoustic guitar and soft vocal that sometimes crosses into the country-realm with twangy end notes to verses. The vocal line sounds like it is traveling down the road just like the car does. Several fiddle solos enhance the instrumentation breakdown of the track overall and make the song take a greater adventure.

“I ain’t looking back.” – Ben Balmer (Lyrics from Married to the Road)

“I wrote this song with Noah Collins out of Chattanooga TN. It’s about being in a relationship with the road, and traveling as a musician. How touring makes you miss home, but still draws you back in its arms, despite all the hardships it brings. You can love the road and still be angry or resent it all at the same time.”

Ben Balmer

Ben Balmer was born in Ann Arbor, MI and is currently based in the city of Austin, Texas. Ben’s influences include Tom Waits, Fiona Apple, Taj Mahal, and Paul Butterfield. He has released two full-length albums. His latest LP release is titled. Honky-Tonk Macbeth. Ben Balmer is also an expert harmonica player. More information:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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