Please Take Notes On Love and Romance from Kazmyn

Kazmyn gets honestly raw in her new song “Our Demise.” She sings this singer-songwriter style indie-rock song to her ex-lover with some advice for their new partner. The song is basically a list of things that were missing from her relationship, ranging from just simply being treated right to living out romantic scenes from the movie The Notebook.

The song features a melodic bass line, pretty electric guitar riffs, a driving electric guitar, and even strings. Kazmyn’s vocal sits well on the track, with enough space for all the lyrics to be heard. The track starts with acoustic guitar and eventually picks up into a full band ballad, to settle back down into the acoustic world. The songwriting is strong enough for the song to be completely stripped down to just acoustic guitar and vocals and we hope that Kazmyn considers doing a version like that in the future! Listen to the track here on Spotify:

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