New music for your 2022 playlist including songs by: Odaye x SØ, Winter Grain, Noah Ransom, and more.

“That’s Wild” by Odaye and SØ

Thank you TikTok for connecting Odaye and SØ, this collaboration is perfect for your New Years Party! This track has a fun dance beat that will get everyone in the right mood and keep people dancing as we roll into 2022. The lyrics are relatable to anyone whose ex has ever left them on read. Odaye’s catchy vocal hooks will keep you wanting to listen to “That’s Wild” on repeat. Take a listen to the track on Spotify, I promise you won’t regret it!

“Passenger Seat” by Winter Grain

Winter Grain’s release “Passenger Seat” is the perfect song for when you’re in your feelings and need a good power ballad. With a blend of acoustic, Americana, and country roots this track tells the story of every child that’s been left behind. The lyrics will pull at your heartstrings and make you want to hold your loved ones close. This is a great song to blast in the car and sing along to. Winter Grain just dropped their EP Hollywood & Hard, take a listen for more tracks you might want to add to your 2022 playlist!

“Goodbye” by Noah Ransom

“Goodbye” is a pop-rock anthem for those who have ever dealt with fake friends. The lyrics will draw you in and have you singing along by the end of the first listen. The minimal instrumentation gives the vocals plenty of space to be the spotlight. The whole track leads up to an unexpected instrumental breakdown that’s paired with a killer electric guitar solo. Listeners of all ages will be able to relate to this one. Let this be your sign to drop your fake friends! If you need any more motivation just take a listen.

“Cold Sober” by Lielack

Lielack shares the reality of recovery mixed with quarantine in their new single “Cold Sober”. This punk anthem would no doubt be a crowd favorite at a live show. The heavy guitars and drums are placed in a way that brings out the realness of the lyrics. While this track talks about sobriety, I think many listeners could relate with lyrics like “I lost my mind in quarantine”. I appreciate Lielack getting real with us on this one. Check out the official video that ends with Lielack performing for their AA group above, or take a listen on Spotify, you’ll be headbanging in seconds.

“bleed” by Alexa Valentino

“bleed” is off of Alexa Valentino’s EP A Guide To Moving On. Alexa will immediately pull you in with her dreamy vocals. The lyrics tell a story of being taken for granted and falling for the wrong person. The chorus is relatable to anyone who’s been betrayed by someone they love, “you just sit there and watch me bleed”. The instrumental elements will keep you listening and wondering how the story will end. The production of this track is really strong, I could see it being in commercials or movies. Take a listen on Spotify.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and will find the perfect soundtrack for your 2022!

Written by Shaun Kastle

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