They & Her – by Ellysa Greenhalgh [Poetry]

The love they give is unyielding 

They know this one is forever 

As they sit & allow themselves to look at past

They are still wondering how they got so lucky

They never approached, they never flirted 

Yet somehow she knew, she chased them

They weren’t sure they were ready, it only took one kiss

They never had to explain themselves 

She never asked them a reason, they were how they were meant to be

She made sure her friends knew the right words

She was proud to call them hers

They knew she understood, knew she loved them for them

The world always seemed to struggle

Their love never did, acceptance & understanding always given

She told them it didn’t matter to her

The person they were, she loved & adored

They stand up & go inside, they are surprising her tonight 

The table is set, her favourite dinner is cooking 

They want her to know how loved & appreciated she is

They want her to feel loved, by them.

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