8 New Releases You Don’t Want to Miss with Songs by Max Elliot, SpaceyY, Drew Now X DEQR, and more.

“White Shoes” by Max Elliot

Max Elliot’s first release does not disappoint! The production of this track is especially impressive considering it was recorded in a bedroom studio. Between Max’s dreamy vocals and the intoxicating guitar, you won’t be able to turn this one off! This song is perfect for many occasions from a road trip to your first dance, “White Shoes” could be your song. If you appreciate a good guitar solo, you’ll definitely have to give this a listen. Check out Max Elliot’s first release “White Shoes” on Spotify or Apple Music.

“Don’t Mind Me” by SpaceyY

“Don’t Mind Me” by SpaceyY dropped on Valentine’s Day. This psychedelic track has an acoustic drum-like sound, with a nice and light pop vocal. The live drum mix gives the song an uptempo feel. I enjoy hearing the synth behind the vocals, the two complement each other very nicely. Like jam and peanut butter, this song is sweet to my ears. Listen to “Don’t Mind Me” on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Post Breakup Bender” by Sean Watson Graham

If this past Valentine’s day was a bit rough for you, this song is for you. A great breakup song can inspire healing and help you find solidarity when it comes to your feelings. You will find all of that and more from Sean Watson Graham’s “Post Breakup Bender”. Graham’s vocal tone is unique and will keep you listening till the very end. The song has a strong groove that will vibe with whatever you’re doing, from sharing music with friends to having your own post-breakup bender. Check it out on Spotify or use the sound in your next reel on Instagram.

Music Video of the Week: “10:30” by Josh Child

Josh Child comes through with the music video of the week! The production of this video is awesome. I’m very impressed with the mini-movie aspects and I loved watching the storyline throughout this video, it gives a visual to this punk rock tune! The electric guitar riffs are one of my favorite parts of “10:30”. My favorite part of the music video is towards the end when Josh pulls the Say Anything move with the stereo over his head. Watch the video above or stream the song on Spotify.

“Serial Lover” by Drew Now X DEQR

This one’s vocals are very upfront, with a sharp bright end to the finish. The kick and bass really make this song what it is- trap and pop. Definitely radio play-worthy and the guitar is good to hear, it gives the song a singer-songwriter vibe. This is the perfect song to put on when you’re looking to get productive or need some inspiration. I really like how the song texture switches between its verses and choruses. You have to check this one out, listen on Spotify or SoundCloud.

“Yes!” by Desolo

Ready to be introduced to your new go-to track? “Yes!” by Desolo is interesting from the very beginning, the slow build-up with pianos and claps gives it a nostalgic feeling. I enjoy hearing how the vocals blend in with the melody. The hi-hats have a more hip-hop approach with a nice percussion jingle in the background. This is a light catchy tune that anyone can work out to or go for a nice drive in your favorite part of town. Listen on Spotify, or use the song on Instagram or TikTok.


Looking for that new sound to go viral with on TikTok? “U R Fine” is it! This track is short and right to the point with enough energy to inspire some truly killer dance moves. If you need a quick pick-me-up, this song will energize you and keep you going for the rest of your day. The catchy vocals paired with the high energy of the track will make you want to listen to this song every day! Check it out on Spotify or YouTube.

“Carry On” by Jamie Lindsay

Country fans, this one is for you! British Country Singer Jamie Lindsay holds nothing back in his new single “Carry On”. The lyrics provide a heartfelt story of strength and survival. The acoustic guitar will immediately bring you in, along with the strong opening lines. The chorus reminds me of some of my favorite early-2000s country songs. Jamie Lindsay’s energy shines throughout his vocals and will help you stay positive and carry on no whatever what you may be going through. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or watch the music video on YouTube.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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