Parader Pack Emotion into “Save My Place”

Parader’s new song “Save My Place” features an incredible build-up on it’s introduction, reeling the listener in. Drums are pounding, guitars are soaring. The vocal is filled with raw emotion, sounding like a grand mix between folk and commercial music. This song would fit in perfectly on a playlist with Mumford & Sons, Picture This, and the Lumineers.

This song has a unique edge to it, pumping up the energy and pushing an inspirational feel through the speakers. One could even place the song in the genre of Christian Rock. It carries that massive level of raw emotion and dedication. “Save My Place” is the title track from Parader’s EP that is due out April 22. 

“‘Save my place’ is my favorite song on the record. It’s Gerard’s first song playing on with us and I loved what he did with it. Lyrically, I’m proud of the song because I was in a crazy place when I wrote the words. To me it’s about wondering if you could ever feel an emotion stronger than anything you’ve ever felt before. Could be good, bad, happy, sad, funny etc…. and just looking back and being happy that some of the bad is out of the way and hoping to not act that way again, but also wondering if you’d ever experience something again that could get you that worked up and emotionally involved. It’s like a hopeful and helpless call to someone to save my place for all the shenanigans I’d assume I bring to the table.”

– Jon Masters, lead singer/guitar 

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