Ainsley Costello Makes A SPLASH Into Pop/Rock With New Single “Little Sister”  

Ainsley Costello is stirring up a storm with her new single “Little Sister.” This song is infused with deeply personal lyrics, you’ll be stunned to learn that Ainsley is actually an only child. So how could she ever feel like a little sister?  Costello is broadening our outlook on exactly what it means to feel like you’re fighting out of an older sibling’s shadow. In the age of the internet and social media, growing up under the influence of airbrushed models and influencers, younger generations are all too familiar with feeling overshadowed by someone considered bigger and better. Dynamics such as these make rivalry the easy answer, but Ainsley is more interested in making her own mark than competing. Who says there’s not enough room at the table for everyone? She brilliantly toes the line of yearning for success but wanting to be her own person. 

Costello is firmly and confidently leaning into this new era of music she is creating. She is brilliant in melding the best aspects of country style songwriting, with rock and pop musical elements.

“This song is about finding out who you are outside of the people who have inspired you.” -Ainsley Costello

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