Jessye DeSilva Releases One of the Greatest Albums of 2022

Since discovering Jessye DeSilva, they have quickly become one of my most favorite indie musicians. Their songs are soulful and magical, pulling at the heartstrings of the listener, and forming a deeper connection. “Landscapes” is Jessye DeSilva’s new LP, containing 10 songs including some of my favorites “Siren Song”, “Family Tree”, and “10,000 Things.” The album plays well from start to finish, but one could start anywhere and find themselves hooked and wanting to hear more. I think this will be remembered as one of the greatest albums of 2022. Folks, this record is country queer at it’s very finest!

World class production is one thing that makes DeSilva’s music stand out against other indie artists in the same genre. It is Jessye’s voice and lyricism that make them thrive as a true artist. The lyrics are what we keep me personally coming back to hear more. They truly speak to me, hitting me right in the heart, waking me up to new ideas, while also soothing my spirit. The lyrics are delivered soulfully with an immense amount of emotion that makes them feel completley authentic. The lyrics tackle the subjects of mental health struggles and dysphoria, among other things.

This is a record that I’ll keep continuously playing…and you should too. Dive in now:

Photo and design by Jenny Bergman, The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Written by Ryan Cassata

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