Buffalo Hideout Sings to Friend with Addiction in “Hello”

Buffalo Hideout brings a fresh sound to the speakers with their newest song “Hello”. Don’t let the song’s chill intro fool you though… This song totally takes off and soars into the world of pop punk and alt-rock. The song contains some spacious synth breakdown sections before lifting off again. This song will definitely take you on a journey, not just musically, but also lyrically! The song and the music video is about the struggles of addiction and watching someone you love be in too deep. The songs repeated “Hello” seems to be a wake up call to their friend who they are quickly losing.

“The song ‘Hello’ was inspired by a heavy brew of feelings… The video follows the storyline of what it’s like when you’re watching someone you love falling further down the spiral of addiction. It’s a very polarizing feeling because you get caught up in trying to rationalize insane behavior. It’s easy to bounce between feelings of denial, resentment, worry, desperation, love, anger… But the video also takes time remembering all of the reasons why you fell in love with this person. The relationship is complicated. So, this gives voice to that perspective, of still loving someone even while they’re tearing everything down. Feeling powerless and feeling like you’re alone. But really, you aren’t.”

James Grey, songwriter of buffalo hideout

written by Ryan Cassata

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