Nové Releases Debut Song “Claustrophobic” About Mental Health Struggles

Nové’s debut release is a super banger! This song is the perfect introduction to her music!

Nové has a poppy song for those who are battling with themselves. Claustrophobic is about inner mental health struggles, feeling trapped in your own thoughts and feelings. The album cover really captures the meaning of the song. The songs lyrics ask for help, which is not a bad thing at all. In fact it’s super brave and healthy to ask for help, and we all need help sometimes. In those moments where we feel we are slipping through the cracks, a hug from a friend or a call from someone we love goes a long way.

Although the lyrics talk about dark emotions, the song has a dance beat and a happy sounding musicality to it. The chords and beat contrast the lyrics with their uplifting energies. This catchy hook will probably get stuck in your head as well! If you have ever suffered from mental health related issues, this song will definitely remind you that you are not alone in your journey! Listen now:

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