Lost in Los Angeles? Ben Boquist and Brian Graden share their stories! + Music Scene Tips!

Ben Boquist and Brian Graden have teamed up to write a catalogue of songs after taking a course for musical theatre writers. Their latest song “Lost in California” talks about the journey of moving from Ohio to Los Angeles, California with the hopes of having a career in the music industry. The melodically-catchy song tells the story that many young artists experience when they move out here. You work in odd jobs around the city, such as canvassing for causes you know nothing about, (like the song talks about), while also working to make it big and break into the industry. The feeling of not belonging and feeling lost is a common feeling in Los Angeles. It’s hard to find your way in to the music scene and could take some time to make friends to collaborate with.

Moving to Los Angeles is no easy quest. Most people end up working dead end jobs while they wait for their careers to take off. As a singer-songwriter, out-of-towner myself, I also went down this path. I took jobs walking dogs, watching cats that would attack me, and cleaning apartments to help people with their Air-BNB flips. Hey, anything for those extra recording studio dollars, and to meet a few cute dogs.

That feeling of being lost, will eventually fade. I’ve seen myself and my friends make a home here. California becomes home. Los Angeles becomes home. One day you wake up and you no longer feel lost.

The Writers ‘Round Nashville-style open mic is a great place to dive into the scene. Every Wednesday at the North End Hollywood they feature singer-songwriters from inside and outside of the city. It’s a place to mingle and network with other songwriters and music fans. Many people leave with friends. The Writers ‘Round posted some tips for building a music scene on their Instagram Page today:

Another great place to meet artists and find your way into the music scene is Oasis House Shows that happen on a monthly, and sometimes bi-monthly basis in DTLA. Acoustic performers gather for an open-mic and showcase that is both intimate and community driven in a cozy downtown LA apartment.

More info on Oasis:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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