Celebrate Pride Month with Fierce Trans Artist Lynx Dean

Lynx Dean is an artist that I have been following for over a decade. I first knew about Lynx from Random Order Band. I saw the band perform at Milwaukee Pride Fest in 2011. I was impressed by the bands ability to captivate the audience and bring a unique sound to the stage. They lit up the stage with their energy. All that being said, in a band or solo, Lynx Dean is an artist I have great respect for and have followed ever since. He knows how to write hooks and that is made clear with Random Order songs like “Shame, Shame, Shame”, “What’s on Your Mind?” and his latest solo release “World Domination.”

World Domination” is Dean’s first release as a solo artist. The song is the perfect anthem for pride season. It’s the prefect mix of fierce for a dance party at a hot club and fun for the stages of pride festivals worldwide. The lyrics are about queer empowerment, “taking the power back”, and celebrating our authenticity as queer and trans people. The lyrics of the song encompass what pride truly is: a protest but also a celebration. “We’ve come a long way baby, and we’re not going back. We’re on the news and the streets and we’re on the right track.” Lynx sings about the increasing visibility of the queer community which is leading to a wider acceptance. I would agree with Lynx, we are on the right track and we’ve come a long, long way. We still have a long way to go but I trust that we will get there together. Songs like this help the push the movement forward while empowering and energizing queer people.


You can catch Lynx performing his pride anthem at Kingston Pride Festival on June 18th, 2022.

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