5 Summer Jams for Every Mood with Singles by: Letters to Elise, Jillian Steele, Nanuk, Lily Lane, and Bambibrains.

“STAY (Kid Laroi ft. Justin Bieber Cover)” by Letters to Elise

This is a great pop punk cover of “Stay (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI. I’m sure you’ve all heard what’s going on with Justin, so stream this song to show him your support! I love how the Letters to Elise vibe is portrayed in this cover. The guitar and drums are mixed really well. I love the pop-punk vocal mixing! The lead up has a good crunch that gives it a unique sound along with the vocals. Stream it on Spotify.

“You Can Have Him” by Jillian Steele

I like the country intro with bright vocals. The lyrics match how the guitar is strumming in a pattern that is catchy. When the trap drums hit, I thought this track is pop and can be on the radio. The build up with snaps and claps really gave this song a unique vibe. The story of this song reminds me of Carrie Underwood’s “She Don’t Know”. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Down Low” by Nanuk

Here’s a mellow one for you that will get you in your feels. The soft vocals and catchy hook are stuck in my head like a rollercoaster on loop. I like the reverb on the end of the mix. The acoustic guitar and piano compliment the strong vocals well. I get Bon Iver vibes from this track, especially with the background elements towards the second half of the track. Listen on Spotify and YouTube.

“Look At Me Now” by Lily Lane

“Look At Me Now” is exactly what you need to build some confidence. The vocals to this one immediately pushed out on my ears. The bass line is invigorating. The singer is doing well over this fun loving song however the claps give it a party vibe as well. I can see how they wanted a funk sound with modern day auto tune vocals. The vocals give me Demi vibes. Listen on Spotify.

“John Doe” by Bambibrains

This one is a specific taste for those who like a nostalgic sound. The vocal delivery is great. This song gives me Weezer vibes. The mixing for the bass guitar is sweet. The layering of the piano compliments the whole vibe of the song. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

Written by King of the Kastle

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