Pride Month Spotlight: Kisos with Zach Benson

Continuing on with Pride Month here at Rock the Pigeon! Two legendary queer artists have teamed up for an unforgettable track! Kisos and Zach Benson are both highly respected and well-known individuals in the queer indie music world. I’m a fan of both artists music and was excited to hear about their collaboration. This new poppy single titled “wish u were around” is all about the highs and lows of long distance relationships. The song gets into the chorus very quickly, like every good pop song. I would categorize the song to fit into the dream pop genre of music. The verse vocals are delivered in a dreamy fashion while the chorus picks up a bit and ventures into a sound that fits pop radio. The keyboards/synths are my favorite part of the production. I’m excited to hear another collaboration from these artists! Enjoy “wish u were around” on Spotify now:

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