Morningsiders Hope for a Second Wind While Feeling Socially Anxious at Parties

Dreamy guitars kick off Morningsiders newest song “Four Faced Liars.” The mellow vocal follows shortly after with a list of demands, including the need for a written apology:

“I want my money back

And an apology

And a written declaration that you’re feeling extra sorry

And your pocketbook”

Lyrically the song continuously pulls in the listener. I quickly became invested in the story behind the song and the story that the lyrics are telling. The song breaks out into a very catchy and relatable chorus section about attempting to catch a second wind to drag the night on longer. Lyrics also dive into the social anxiety of being at a party and hoping that someone you know is also in the room. The music has an uplifting feel to it, even though the BPM feels on the slower side. The vocal delivery is laid back but the melody is so strong that this song still suggests a sing-a-long. This song is a unique fusion of musical elements and an example of a perfect indie pop-rock song. Enjoy it now:

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