[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] ELIAS02 on His Name Change, New Music, & More!

ELIAS02 speaks with us about his name change, new music, and more!

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Recently, ELIAS02 released a two pack of singles called “Love Bomb” that includes two brand new original tracks, including “Slow Down!” and “Love Bomb.” Both tracks are produced by DJ Topgun, giving the two pack a consistent and quality sound.

“Slow Down!” combines ELIAS02’s catchy songwriting skills and beautiful vocals to give us an upbeat bop about a relationship and essentially falling in love too fast. This song is fun to sing along with, and keeps us wanting to come back for more! 

It transitions perfectly into the title track “Love Bomb,” continuing the lyricism about falling in love. The chorus is addictive and the vocal melodies throughout the entire track are quite bouncy and smooth. This track is not only sexy, but also beautiful, combining trap style drums with a heavy bass line and a soft instrumental backing.

This two pack is a must add to all your summer playlists, and will surely have you pressing repeat!

Check out my interview with him below.

Bryce: What have you been up to since your last release?

ELIAS02: I kind of took a break from music during 2021. I was going through so much in my personal life. I also don’t feel like I fully healed from the things I went through while living in LA. I left an entire group of people behind because of personal conflicts and had to move back home. Which ended up being the best thing for me because I got to grow a lot spiritually and realize what’s really important in my life. Now I look back on those past hardships with a new mindset. I’m able to identify where I went wrong and what patterns were recurring in my life. The hard part was getting to the root of them and fIguring out how to heal. It’s always a work in progress. People leave your life for a reason and we just have to let it go. Or else nothing new will come.

Bryce: What can we expect from “Love Bomb”?

ELIAS02: I wanted to release two songs together because I wrote them back to back. I was graced with the opportunity to work with one of my favorite DJ’s/Producers ever. DJ Topgun of Deathproof Inc. He is one of the most talented DJ’s I have ever come across, I’m a huge fan of his. He has a huge cult online following and has worked with a lot of big names. I bought these beats off him and they set off spark of creativity off that got me writing again. I was so uninspired for a long time. These songs are about my growth and looking back on my past with a new lens. I get a little more personal in these songs. Talking about my DUI and how it completely changed how my life was going. And the main song “Love Bomb” is just a extremely addicting pop song about how I love bombed all the men n my past. To the point where I was just self destructing and bringing everyone down with me.

Bryce: What brought on the name change “ELIAS02”?

ELIAS02: I’ve been making music since I was about 17 years old. I’ve always gone by just Elias but with millions of people in the world who make music. It was hard to find me. I’ve also grown a lot and I like to think I’ve become a new version of myself.

Bryce: How would you sum up your style?

ELIAS02: I like to think of myself as an R&B / Pop artist. I grew up in the mid 90’s so I’m thankful I got to experience the music that I did. I loved the Spice Girls. I was literally so obsessed with them. Any female artist or girl group I was infatuated with. I used to watch TRL’s Pop up video and all those video shows religiously. They all helped inspire the music I make today. The Melodies, the harmonies, the vocals, the drama. I just make music I like to listen to. I can write to any genre if the feeling is there.

Bryce: How has it been like going solo again after being in a rap group?

ELIAS02: It’s been an adjustment. I worked with those people pretty much day and night for 5 years. But I was doing music before I met them, and I will continue to do so after. It’s been a little bit freeing to be, say, and dress how I want. I feel like I’ve evolved into one of my final forms. I’ll be forever grateful to that group of people for helping me become the artist I am today.

Bryce: Do you have more planned for 2022?

ELIAS02: Yes! I have 4 more songs locked and loaded. They’re so good. I wrote them over a year ago and I’ve just been letting them marinate. Just to see if there’s anything I can add or take away. I want it to sound perfect. I worked with this producer from Russia who is really amazing. I was working with him before the whole Ukraine incident happened so I’m glad we maintain working together. He’s incredibly talented. I think with all my past releases. I was making music to get noticed, and was expecting too much from them. I was losing the soul of what made my music special. These songs were made from the heart, they gave me goosebumps. They helped me sort out negative thoughts. They kept me together during such a chaotic, anxious time in my life. I’m growing as an artist and a human every day I’m blessed with.

Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions for us, ELIAS02!

Be sure to stream “Love Bomb” by ELIAS02 on all platforms now, and follow him on social media below!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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