Royal Sugar Release Debut Track “California Nightmare” – Showcasing Glam-Rock with a Pop Twist

It’s a big day for Nashville-based band Royal Sugar as they erupt into the modern-glam rock scene in a whirlwind of glitter and leather with their ambitious debut single, “California Nightmare.”

The track impeccably encompasses the band’s mission to bring the 80’s glamour of inspirations like Motley Crue and KISS into the 2020’s mainstream with trendy pop sensibilities and unparalleled showmanship. What started as a TikTok cover project (featuring renditions of Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and more) has blossomed into an undeniably lovable trio poised to release more original tracks this year.

“The song is about reliving a romanticized mirage of a past chaotic fling. We believe everyone can relate to the experience of reflecting on their own past with rose-colored glasses from time to time. Musically we intended for this debut to reflect our love for modern pop music while, not-so-subtly, showcasing our 80s stadium rock influences; equal parts anthemic hooks and an unmistakable wall of distortion!

Royal Sugar

More about the band:

The glam rock-trio Royal Sugar launched onto the music scene fall of 2021 with their gutsy rendition of “Medicine” – written and made famous by Harry Styles. The rockers walk a tightrope sonically between the excessiveness of their stadium rock heroes of the 1980s and the mainstream pop sensibilities of today’s mainstream radio hits. It is not shrouded in mystery that the trio has no desire to aim to be a darling treasure of rock fans alone. Royal Sugar intends to bring their luxurious flavor of anthemic melodies to the masses through their dynamic live shows with no shortage of glitter or leather.

Royal Sugar is comprised of Tyler Cohenour (Frontman), Garrett Carr (Bass/Vocals), and Ricky Ficarelli (Drums). The band debuted their painstaking efforts in the studio these past many months with their brand new original single “California Nightmare,” a song about reliving a romanticized mirage of a past chaotic fling. “California Nightmare,” marks a new chapter for the rock trio with a sound poised to break through into the mainstream.

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