If I Ever Do Find My Brain by Jason Johansson Merges Genres and Takes the Listener on a Journey

Jason Johansson has an alt-country song “If I Ever Do Find My Brain” complete with harmonicas and bluesy guitars. The track features energetic spoken-style vocals that tend to ramble, showing off the attitude of the artist. The sound is compelling, and urges the listener to take a deeper dive into the artistry of Jason Johansson. The production quality feels in the classic rock genre, completely authentic and raw, played as is, minimal edits. “If I Ever Do Find My Brain” was recorded at Orbit Audio in Seattle, WA. It’s a moving song that could be the soundtrack of a dive bar movie scene. The track has a folk punk edge to it, especially vocally. It seems to mix the styles of Bob Dylan, The Clash, and Lou Reed. Enjoy Jason Johansson’s masterpiece on Spotify:

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