You Have to Hear Henry Taylour’s Acoustic Guitar Driven Song

Henry Taylour is back with his 3rd EP titled “Aftersun.” The title track of the song features gorgeous acoustic guitar played in a finger-picking style that is unforgettable. The sound is moving and will leave the listener breathless. It’s tinged in sorrow and longing. Taylour’s soft vocal joins in with the guitar in an emotional sharing of lyrics and soul. 

The song picks up about halfway through when a smooth drum beat joins the shakers, strings and guitars. The song is not overproduced, it features just the right amount of instrumentation to the let the vocal delivery float on top of the track. If you are looking for an organic and raw sound, Henry Taylour is it. This song is as real as it gets and it will definitely pull on your heartstrings. Enjoy it now on Spotify:

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