Dream Pop Band Tiny Ghosts Release “Grasp of Me”

Forever kindred spirits, the dream-pop duo Tiny Ghosts anchor melancholic anthems against shimmering layers of synth and guitar. Starting innocently as two friends emailing tracks back and forth, the project quickly evolved into an obsessive passion to build out their sonic world — growing as fervently as their friendship began many years ago.

The band has released their most intimate song yet in “Grasp of Me.” Beginning with an electric melody and fading into an ear-catching pop-rock riff, “Grasp of Me” is a single that is universally relatable in terms of its emotions. Written during the pandemic, vocalist Dayan Marquina delves into the harsh realties of a faltering relationship, and guitarist Eric Morgan shares that the energy was in part motivated by the COVID’s outbreak whilst dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. “Grasp of Me” is quintessentially a cathartic release for the duo, swirled in an indie-pop and post-alternative infusion.

All the pent-up energy definitely comes out in it being much more of an aggressive song for us. I remember showing this idea to Dayan, and initially, she thought it was maybe too far in that direction for TG — and so we sat on the idea for a bit, and I actually began re-working it for my other band Brigades. 

But after we started incorporating more and more of our older emo and post-hardcore influences on songs like “LoveLove” we came back to the idea which matched perfectly with this angsty lyrical idea she had been working on, and ended up turning into this super cathartic song for both of us that we are excited to put out!” – Eric Morgan, guitarist of Tiny Ghosts

Take a listen to Tiny Ghosts’ new single “Grasp of Me” below.

Photo provided by Sarah Leslie

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