Pohgoh is Reunited with an Emo LP on the Way

Heavy distorted guitars and rich textures are the hallmark sound of Pohgoh’s newest single “Hammer.” The guitars pull influence from the early days of emo, which Pohgoh was a part of. They have been a band since 1994! Melodic and melancholy vocals sing with drive over the band, taking a further dive into the genre of early emo, keeping it alive and steady. The song is drenched in feeling, it’s impossible to ignore. Susie Ulrey sings authentically and unashamed, she bravely sings about her personal struggle and suffering. Through the music and vocal delivery, you get the sense of nearly given up yet still overcoming. This song has the power to transform.

“I’ve dealt with depression in varying degrees since my diagnosis (of MS) in 2001 and hit a new low during the beginning of COVID, especially after losing my job. The rug was pulled out from under us, along with everyone else. The stress and anxiety of life in general forced its hand and my disease progressed. It’s a loop: MS begets depression and anxiety which then causes progression. Wash, rinse and repeat.”Pohgoh’s Susie Ulrey

Ready to hear more from this amazing emo band? Pohgoh’s 3rd full length LP titled du und ich is due out on November 4th on Spartan Records.

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/PohgohFL

Catch their album release show in Tampa, FL:

written by Ryan Cassata

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