The Natural Lines Build Greatness with “It’s A Trap”

The Natural Lines have a contagious sound that feels fresh and nostalgic at the same time. All of the musical elements are perfectly put together, from the emo sounding guitar riffs that ring with distortion and echo, to the intimate vocals, and rhythm snare hit. Mixing elements of indie rock, emo rock, and pop, The Natural Lines have something for everyone. The vocal cuts across the sound waves with a sense of urgency that grabs the listener by the collar to beg for a deeper listen. This is one of the most stand out songs Rock the Pigeon has heard in a very long time.

The music video of the song is simple but captivating, it features clay work and pottery. The movement of the clay flows with the instrumentation of the band. The song builds as the sculptre builds. The Natural Lines are filled with organic, great ideas.

The desire to create is a total trap. The repetition and the honing and the quest for fulfillment can be frustrating—maddening, even. The trap is that you can’t stop once you start. It’s never completed, never done. I may never reach the pinnacle of music with my raspy voice and my strange thoughts, but I’ll never stop trying. 

I can see this amazing affliction in all the people I admire—musicians, comedians, writers, visual artists, and potters. (Travis Sudweeks is a wild and brilliant creator with clay. Every time you see him work, you simultaneously witness the pursuit of greatness and the acceptance of human imperfection.) 

In the basement studio, we keep trying to outmaneuver cynicism and hold onto a few solid slivers of euphoria. It’s a trap that we eternally set for ourselves in the pursuit of connection. Just some humbled human beings stuck underground and searching for hope. –  Matt Pond, The Natural Lines

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written by Ryan Cassata

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