Rachel Angel Stuns Listeners with Midnight Heart Attack

I found myself hooked by the first line of Rachel Angel’s song “Midnight Heart Attack.” The powerhouse vocal delivery, southern twang, and lyrics captivated me immediately. The lyrics are cutthroat, spilling personal secrets of past mistakes and insecurities. The lyrics tell the story of someone who is young in age, 22 years old, living a reckless life without thinking of consequences. This is a lifestyle that many young people live or can relate to.

This perfect song is made complete with pounding drums, and electrifying guitar solos that soar into the heavens. This is an incredible first introduction to an artist who will surely become a well-known legend.

The single is off of a 9 song LP of the same title. Listen on Spotify now:

“I wrote midnite heart attack upon waking from a dream to write it. The song is about confronting troublesome elements from my past— when I was younger and lived life a bit more recklessly. It’s about reckoning with a moment in time.” – Rachel Angel

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