Evol Walks Teams Up with Defueld on Empowering Rock Track “Saints and Sinners”

Evol Walks shares their brand-new symphonic metal ballad “Saints And Sinners” alongside Stockholm metalcore act Defueld. Rock ‘n’ roll queen and lead vocalist Leah Martin-Brown works in tandem with Defueld’s Chris Wetterstrom to navigate the narrative of a dystopian future through melodic guitar riffs and yearning and energetic harmonies.

Much like the mighty phoenix, Martin-Brown and Wetterstrom urge listeners to rise from the ashes, and seek light in even the darkest situations. The duet demands multiple listens, as it’s truly a raw song of protest–encouraging hope and forward-thinking through each play.

“’We wanted to create a true duet- lots of harmonies and colour in the vocals. Although it seems to be a dark track, we really wanted to convey that, although things seem bleak, there is still hope. We control our fate.

Leah Martin-brown, evol walks

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