New Friends Release New Single “Waste My Time”

“Waste My Time” by New Friends is here, and it’s a song you definitely won’t forget.

Cover Art for “Waste My Time”

With genre bending anthems translated through emotions, feelings, fears and anxieties, New Friends represents a new vision for what pop music can be today.

When Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller and Cole Wilson and Conrad Galecki crossed paths as music students in late 2018, the trio clicked instantly and began working on demos in dorm rooms in London, Ontario.

It didn’t take long until their hook-filled debut single, “Purple Candy” was out in the world. With a charismatic frontman in Boulineau who displays dreamy originality in his voice, metaphorical yet relatable lyrics from Miller, unique production elements from Galecki and rich guitar melodies by Wilson, the possibilities are endless as to the impact New Friends will go on to make in the music world.

The song “Waste my Time” welcomes us with open arms for all the good vibes. Once the vocals hit in the first verse, we’re immediately sold. The vocal delivery here, the lyrics, the vocal melodies, everything is extremely catchy right off the bat. Once we get to the chorus, it’s evident this song will be on repeat for weeks to come. Through and through, this track is extremely catchy. It’s definitely worth adding to all your vibe worthy playlists!

Be sure to stream “Waste My Time” by New Friends on all platforms now, and follow them on social media below!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz


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