Meet Trans Activist Artist (Artivist) & Poet Armani Dae

My name is Armani (Armani Dae, that’s pronounced Ar-Mah-Knee, Day). 33 year old Leo King, born and raised in Philly, recently moved to LA from New York City. I am a free spirit and I create beautiful art with love. I’ve turned my art into a small business and use it to educate, motivate and bring joy to the audience.

RTP: How would you say being an activist and an artist intersect? 

AD: “Artivist” is what some may call it. I use my art as a voice, as an educator but also as a means to speak up and out. To tell the naysayers and those who wish us harm NO you will not cause harm to us and that our lives matter. Art is activism and Activism is an art. They are one in the same, it’s quite simple. 

RTP: What is your favorite part about being an artist? 

AD: The freedom I have to express whatever i want, however i want in any form. That free feeling is amazing.

RTP: What inspires your art and poetry? 

AD: My art is my therapy, another form of communication/expression. Oftentimes I do not verbally know what to say so i use my art instead. 

RTP: When did you come out? What is your favorite part about being an out transgender person?  

AD: Technically I came out as trans when I was a child before I knew what the word meant. But in actuality I’d say I was in my late teens. My favorite part about being out is the fearlessness and freedom of being me and the motivation it gives others.

RTP: What is the most challenging part about being out? 

AD: SAFETY and the anxiety of it all. Cannot stress that enough. Even if you are the bravest person, safety is always a question. 

RTP: What does a day in the life of Armani Dae look like? 

AD: Honestly, sleeping, brief workout, Eating fresh fruits, laughing, listening to music, researching how to DIY everything since i never have help or funding, creating, bike riding, grooming, meditation through all previously mentioned.

RTP: What social justice issue do you think the transgender community needs to focus on the most currently? 

AD: Currently and always Mental Health. If you can control your mind you can do almost anything. Everything starts in the mind. If you say you can’t do something then you won’t. But, if you believe you can then you will. Having great mental health can usually aid stability in all other things such as employment, housing, healthy habits, etc.

RTP: Can you give us some insight on how the trans equality movement and black lives matter movement intersect? 

AD: It’s funny this is a question because I actually was a speaker for Black Lives Matter years ago in the beginning of my medical transition and later learned that at the time they didn’t cater to nor really support Black Trans Lives. How can Black Lives Matter if black trans lives don’t? The two intersect because there are plenty of black trans people but also they are both mass minority groups seeking equality and all the lives in the two matters. Without question one cannot exist without the other.

RTP: What is your favorite art piece that is on sale now and why? How can people purchase it? 

AD: My favorite abstract painting is “Runaway”. It just won 2nd place in a contest with TransTech. It has so many meanings and everyone’s interpretation is different. 

Its entire collection is available for purchase at:


Bookings, questions, art, bio, portfolio, etc, everything can be found there 24/7 otherwise people can google me (laughs) I’m sure some great things will pop up. 


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