Crybabyamy’s Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

Rising pop artist from Ireland, Crybabyamy, is out with a pop anthem that will hit you right in the heart. “Validation” is a radio-ready song about wanting attention and validation from a relationship, which could be a romantic interest. It’s a song about asking for exactly what you want in a relationship, which is reciprocated devotion. Crybabyamy explains that she is actually singing about her relationship with social media: “‘Validation’ is a song about being obsessed with the attention we get from posting and being on social media. I see it as an anthem for young people, who are going through the motions of having a love/hate relationship with social media. I know I struggle with the vicious cycle of picking up my phone and putting it down again. Always chasing validation!” 

In the age of social media, so many of us are spending our time chasing the blue check marks, comments, likes, reposts, and attention. Many will relate to Crybabyamy’s anthem about this constant theme in our culture. I think we should be seeking validation from ourselves by serving our purposes and being with friends and family instead of strangers on the internet.

The production value of “Validation” is super strong. The song has a pop beat and groovy bass line which are consistent hallmarks of this song. The chorus melody is most-definitely a strong ear worm that will be echoing in your head long after the song is over. While the post chorus gets a tiny bit repetitive, that section transitions back into a soulful verse before leading back into another hook section to sing along with. The vocals are delivered with soul and emotion throughout the entire track. This is a standout pop song, a true treat for the listeners ears!

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