David Kahn Sings for Gratitude & Joy

David Kahn has an acoustic folk song about enjoying the “journey” of life. The song is driven by acoustic guitars and soft vocals. The song comes across as a jam session vocally and musically. The lyrics can serve as mantra of positivity, a reminder to keep moving forward, remember that life is a journey with ebbs and flows. It’s all about enjoying the little moments and taking in all the elements of our surroundings. The song is based in gratitude and we can definitely hear that in David Kahn’s vocal performance.

He says: “The main message of the song is that life is about the journey. The first verse starts with: ‘I won’t miss the forest for the trees, no the 9-5 is not for me. cuz in this life theres no guarantees, catch me singing my concrete jungle melodies. spreading love through my words is my destiny. and just remember its the journey.’ …this was very much my story at this time. I was playing very often as a street performer (concrete jungle melodies). I graduated with a marketing degree but very quickly realized I just wanted to make music so that is what I have been doing. In life there are no guarantees so I am pursuing my passions. The second verse is: ‘Sure I can say that now but tomorrow I’ll stress, cuz it’s who I am and to that I’ll confess but I love myself and Imma take whats mine, making my way one step at a time.’ So what I mean by this is that I even though this is all true I still stress myself out all the time but I try to remind myself to love myself and take things one step at a time.”

Enjoy the “Journey” now:

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