Mikey Ferrari Signs to Neon Gold Records, Releases Raw Acoustic-Driven Song “Oxycontin”

Mikey Ferrari is a folk singer-songwriter who recently signed to Neon Gold Records. His latest song is titled “Oxycontin” which contains emotional lyrics and strong melodies throughout the course of the song. The lyrics dive in to the devastating effects of addiction and the opioid epidemic. He sings about struggling to watch a loved one battle addiction. Ferrari’s emotions are raw and laid out on the table, this songwriting doesn’t hold back anything from his fans. He’s even created an email account for his fans to share their stories with him in a safe and private space. Those stories have helped to inspire the creation of this amazing song and I am sure sharing the stories have helped those struggling with their loved ones.

The song is acoustic driven and is delivered in a raw fashion that remind us of Mikey Ferrari’s authenticity as an artist. It features country undertones in both the acoustic guitar sound and the vocal delivery style. Hear it on Spotify now:

I wrote Oxycontin in an effort to depict a very difficult and scary time in my life, and to remind myself to never go back to that place again. The response to sharing a clip of the song was eye-opening, as I started hearing from people that had lost loved ones or struggled themselves in some way from the opioid epidemic. I decided to open up an email account for people to share their stories in a safe space. Having the privilege to connect to other people about my struggle and their own has been the most difficult yet rewarding part of making music for me thus far.

— Mikey Ferrari

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