KILLBOY’s Latest “LUV AGAIN” Makes You Love Her More

Let’s just go ahead and declare KILLBOY a phenomenal rarity among a world full of talented artists. How the hell can someone warm every drop of your blood while giving such a chilling, haunting performance at the same time? She’s created a gorgeously gutting space to feel cathartic release of heartache in her recent release of “LUV AGAIN.” Being ripped away from the ability to love has never sounded so beautiful. “LUV AGAIN” hits daringly close if you’ve ever felt like you’ve “got no love.” The overwhelming exception to that is the undeniable and immediate affinity you’ll have for KILLBOY. With a powerhouse voice paired with just a piano on her latest track, you won’t just have a new favorite song, singer, producer, or musical discovery worth sharing with your closest friends. You’ll have a new favorite artist. On unofficial behalf of KILLBOY, you’re welcome.

In case you’ve been listening to all your music under a rock, let’s catch you up real quick — KILLBOY has been repeatedly redefining what it means to challenge the boundaries of genre. When I first heard her music just a few short years back, her first release of the 2019 hip-hop banger “WHEREDAFUCC” and its playful music video kept in heavy rotation. Fast forward to her songs like “LOSER” and “GLOWY CEILIN STICKER STARS,” her signature spirit bursts out in rock frenzy fit to amaze all listeners. It’s for fans of all sounds, especially the misfits with sharp, unapologetic attitudes looking to bite down on music that bites back. In 2023, the release of “LUV AGAIN” knocked me out of the water (as her whole history of songs have) and made me a fan of hers all over again. I’m still in polar-level shock about her exceptional ability to deliver above the bar. I got goosebumps and chills over lines like, “So I find comfort in the darkness and I’m ok, and then you run my way.” In a heart-wrenching confessional moment, she sings like an angel about the hell of having to “watch a whole world end.”

As an independent artist, she’s building a new world that’s bigger than just genre, but record labels as well. KILLBOY is aspiring to release a whopping 100 songs in the year 2023 alone. Between her Midas touch production skills and a voice most people would sacrifice anything to have, I’ve got no doubts her future is cranking up the brightness (like I’m about to do on my phone as soon as her next music video drops). A common thread between KILLBOY’s impressive discography of consistently unique releases proves solid ground in performance as well with a history touring with breakthrough artists like jxdn and Sueco. The closest you can get to putting a cost on her priceless talent is buying a ticket to see her perform Bamboozle Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. You’re not gonna want to miss out on KILLBOY. At this rate, she’s leaving a legacy that will be hard to miss anyway.

Author: Samson Winsor

Based in Austin, Texas, Samson Winsor is a media professional who has excelled the visions of small to large-scale projects and clients in music, film, and live events. He brings creative direction to life with the soul of sound, written word, and world-building production logistics as his mediums.  Originally from Salt Lake City, Samson's translation of media skills in the music industry accelerated his passions and career in Austin as it continues to enrich his approach to production of music, film, and various media at all stages. As a proud transgender man, his dedication to uplifting the representation of queer light on-stage and behind the scenes fuels him even further explore the independents and underdogs of today's world of expression and art. Samson aims to bring people closer to theirselves, each other, and a shared inspiration that connects audiences everywhere to experience exceptional performance and authenticity. In his free time, you'll find him scouting local bakeries and record stores on slow mornings, mixing and producing music at home, traveling with a book to nature's hidden treasures, and making art with his friends. 

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