London’s Very Own Prince of Falls Releases New Single “Holding Back”

Truly a full vibe from start to finish, this track holds nothing back musically despite the title.

Cover Art for “Holding Back”

Prince of Falls is a charming London artist who lives underground but is gaining popularity due to his multi-genre creativity for sounds in, dark Trap mixed with R&B, Indie Rock and Rap.

His lyrics are very introspective and invite listeners to slow down and go deep. He is not afraid to delve into his shadow parts and truly feel each emotion as they are.

Prince Of Falls’ ability to unapologetically dissect the ‘undesirable’ thoughts and feelings many artists shy away from makes him stand out. His art provides raw emotion which resonates with audiences worldwide.

The track starts with a steady paced new wave r&b styled instrumental, with Prince of Fall’s voice welcoming us with open arms about a measure into the track. The catchy vocal melodies and lyrics here are sure to get stuck in your head, reminiscent of a song from The Weeknd himself. I find myself coming back to this track over and over simply because the song is a full vibe for any commute or hang out session. Definitely worth adding to all your laid back and chill vibes playlists.

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Written By: Bryce Quartz


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