Chicago based trio Torch the Hive release new single “Deku”

Always genuine, never in demand.

Torch the Hive is a trio from Chicago, IL that formed back in 2017. The group is led by Mike Fruel who’s on guitar and vocals, steering the way through the energy behind his inflections and melodies. Combine that with the Tyler Sanders shredding it on the bass and Sergio Apanco on killing it on the drums, and you have yourself a recipe for a hit.

Their latest single “Deku” takes all this talent and puts it to the test, pushing all the energy we are craving into one track. Not only does the song delivery catchy lyrics and vocal melodies that get stuck in your head easily, but it captures you in the soundscape they’ve created instrumentally as well. After one listen, it makes me want to hear the track live to feel the energy around me. I really love the vocal inflections from Mike along with the guitar riffs that lead the way for him.

Be sure to check out “Deku” by Torch the Hive below or stream on all platforms now!

Torch the Hive

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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