Catch MIHI NIHIL at SXSW and Hear Their Newest Song

Music lovers, mark your calendars for March 18th, as MIHI NIHIL is set to take Austin’s legendary music stage at The Stay Put for SXSW. If you’re a fan of distorted guitars that will rock your entire body, this is a performance you can’t afford to miss. MIHI NIHIL is a four-piece band that has gained a reputation for their unique sound, combining elements of psychedelic rock, alternative rock, and punk.

 We write all our songs together in one room so our individual influences, whether it’s The Clash or Johnny Cash, come out when we write together. Our writing style is very free-form. We never talk about ideas before hand, we just start making sounds. We record all the rehearsals/jams with our phone and then typically circle back around to listen for the ones we like. Then the songs get refined the more we play them but we try to never force them into a place, we just let them develop and morph into a shape. – MIHI NIHIL

Their latest track, “So Please,” is a soulful composition that showcases the band’s talent for crafting catchy hooks and delivering powerful performances. The track features the band’s signature distorted guitars, which hit you where it hurts, leaving you wanting more. The vocals have a tenderness and ache to them that are impossible to resist, making it a song that will stay with you long after it’s over.

 “So Please” relays a story of wavering love and contemplates whether life is worth living when that love is lost. The landscape of the song is one of deserts, canyons and hazy colors of sundown. We are certainly inspired by cinema and we have a soft spot in our hearts for Spaghetti Westerns. We love the classics. We love a good story. This is one of ours. – MIHI NIHIL

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