Rappers Stoni & JAMMY Team-Up for Bombastic Single “B.W.A.”

“B.W.A.” is quite certainly the perfect energy for any bad bitch occasion, with rappers Stoni & JAMMY making the perfect team-up.

Cover Art for “B.W.A.”

With a title like “B.W.A.” – Bitch with an Attitude – you expect a no-nonsense approach and an energy that can’t be messed with, and that’s exactly what Stoni and JAMMY bring to their joint track, characterized by the dynamic production of Studio_Dad. It’s a track that is a clear party-starter and never boring, jumping down to a deep pitched chorus that excites anyone listening. Take “B.W.A.” as just a preview of what’s to come from newcomers Stoni and Jammy.

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Flaunting vicious flows and a player like persona, Stoni can hold her own with some of rap’s top-tier artists. Born and raised in Oakland, the California native grew up with a passion for poetry and writing. Stoni stormed onto the scene larger-than-life in her first official single “Skirmish” with fellow rapper Tia Nomore, where she literally took the Bay Area in her hands in a Kong vs Godzilla- type music video.

Since then, Stoni has been steadily booking shows to a tidal wave of rave reviews. In 2022 Stoni most notably released new single “Night Light” with Texas-royalty Fat Tony and in 2023 she opened for Junglepussy as part of Noise Pop Festival. Her next single, “B.W.A.” (Bitch With An Attitude), is a co-release with fellow Oakland artist Jammy, who can be found as a feature on G-Eazy’s “Love You Like I Do”. The new single highlights Stoni’s undeniable talent and her characteristic attitude that screams that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Stoni’s first EP, titled after her alter-ego, is slated for Summer 2023.

JAMMY is a Bay Area Hip-Hop/R&B artist based out of American Canyon, California (San Francisco Area). At the age of 12, JAMMY was inspired by his guitarist older brother to pursue a career in music. JAMMY grew up listening to a wide arrangement of music from Stevie Wonder to Sting to Lil Wayne to Kanye West. In a short time, JAMMY realized he had a natural ability at rap that surprised and amazed all of his peers.

  In high school JAMMY amassed his following in 2017 for his cult classic EP “No More Drugs” that has gained millions of streams across the world.

The single “Margarita” from his EP took the world by storm and connected him to a wider audience. His honest lyrics, unique production style, and smooth voice provide a space for listeners who want a break from the Bay Area’s hyphy movement.

JAMMY is known for his energetic live shows that bring the audience to their feet. JAMMY’s unique style has caught the attention of bigger artists like G-Eazy, P-Lo, Yeek, and Caleborate. Jammy is an artist that you definitely don’t want to miss, with his repertoire of singles and a full length concept EP spanning back to 2017 that proves his presence as artist over the last few years.

Since the recent release of his sophomore project titled “sadgirlzclub”, JAMMY is in the studio working on his new project titled “Boys Are Out”. 

Once I first heard “B.W.A.”, I immediately knew I wanted to cover this track. The production from Studio_Dad with the upbeat and bright sampled intro to the heavy bass lines that drive the verses and the hook honestly set the perfect tone for Stoni and JAMMY to eat up every bar. 

Once Stoni enters the track on the first verse, her vocal delivery and flows pack a punch from start to finish. You’ll find yourself feeling the vibe to her energy and lyrics, with a casual confidence in her tone that makes her clever lyrics flow elegantly.

Photo Credit: Kayla de Guzman

The hook exudes confidence and power, with the repeated catchy line “black ass bitch with an attitude.” You might just find yourself getting this entire track and the hook stuck in your head after a listen or two.

JAMMY’s verse matches Stoni’s energy in the best way possible, bringing his own swagger and personality to the table in each line. His flows switches up quite nicely a few different times, and his vocal delivery changes up a few times too, showing versatility as a rapper in just one verse.

Photo Credit: Kayla de Guzman

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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