One of the Nation’s Largest Haunted Halloween Festivals Seeking Employees, Vendors and Attractions

One of the Top-Rated Halloween Attractions in the US, Dark Night Halloween World Is Opening Its Doors To Others To Become One of the Nation’s Largest Halloween Events

Dark Night Halloween World, one of the country’s fastest-growing Haunted pop-up events located in Farmingville, NY at the Bald Hill Amphitheater has announced their plans to create the largest Halloween celebration on Long Island – and they’re seeking to collaborate with new creators, performers, artists, vendors, attractions and more to make it happen.

For more information on Dark Night Halloween World, Aurora Interactive LLC or the Aurora Institute, please visit and let us know how you would like to be involved!

Tickets for Dark Night Halloween World go on sale this summer via

Dark Night Halloween World originally opened in 2021, seeking to provide a genuine Haunted Attraction and overall Halloween event with a strong 1980’s and 1990’s theme. Since the debut of this retro themed Halloween show, the event has quickly become one of the nation’s fastest growing haunted house alternative. In 2022, Buzzfeed rated Dark Night #15 on their list of America’s Top Haunts for Horror Fans to Visit and for 2023, they seek to expand and collaborate with more artists, creators, and small businesses to create a true Halloween festival. 

“During the Halloween season, people have their choice of many different Haunted Attractions and Halloween Activities – but more often than not, they can only realistically attend one per year, and it can be hard to choose which one will provide the most Fright and Fun for their dollar. We set out to create a space where they can quench their spooky thirst all in one place. As we expand from a large-scale Haunted Experience into a larger, more inclusive event, we plan to introduce a genuine Halloween festival and work with artists, vendors, attractions and more to make it happen.”  Said Aidan P. Finnegan, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of Dark Night Halloween World.

Finnegan, a Kings Park, NY native whose company Dark World Entertainment Group is responsible for producing nationally-recognized Haunted Attractions and Immersive Experiences throughout the East Coast and Midwest, partnered with local event producer Martin Arominski to create this event. Arominski has created many of Long Island’s largest Haunted Events, including the now-defunct Chamber of Horrors NY in Hauppauge NY, Long Island Fear Fest at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Halls of Terror in Farmingdale NY, and was the original owner of the popular Blood Manor in New York City. The pair have been working together since Finnegan was a teenager.

“We’re opening the doors for artists, brands, and businesses to create their own opportunities at our event, even other haunted attractions in the area can participate! If you have an attraction of your own, whether that is Axe Throwing or an Escape Room, or you want to promote and sell your wares – Dark Night Halloween World is the place to be.” said Mort Spuccenskrëm, Co-Owner of Dark Night Halloween World.

Dark Night’s “Fright Team” has added tens of thousands of dollars worth of new theme park-grade animatronics, control systems, hollywood-grade masks crafted by L.A. effects artists, custom giant Photo-Ops, and props to their event for this year, as they strive to construct Long Island’s largest Haunted Attraction in addition to the festival aspect. Dark Night’s optional scare-filled offerings will now feature more Haunted Mazes, scare actors, and ‘scare-zones’ than in previous years. 

“Even as we expand the event as a whole, we haven’t lost sight of the ‘flesh and bones’ of the event, which are the Haunted Attractions,” adds Finnegan. “So not only will visitors get to experience more Haunted Mazes and Special Effects than anywhere else in the area, but if visitors want a fun Halloween experience with less emphasis on ‘super scary’ – they’ll get that too. We are excited to bring a large event to Long Island that truly offers something scary – or spooky – for everyone.”

Dark Night Halloween World is also owned and created by Montauk, NY based “Alternate Reality” ad agency Aurora Interactive LLC – the marketing & advertising division of the mysterious Aurora Institute who claim to be “a clandestine and duplicitous N.G.O” on their website.

For more information on Dark Night Halloween World, Aurora Interactive LLC or the Aurora Institute, please visit Tickets for Dark Night Halloween World go on sale this summer via

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